Central Ohio Skin and Cancer (COSC) has two skin centers that provide a variety dermatology services to our patients in the Columbus area.

Many dermatologists focus on just one discipline, such as medical dermatology, but our multi-disciplinary team offers medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology services. We even have a division devoted solely to laser technology and its dermatological applications. 

To keep your care costs as low as possible, we do not charge a facility fee for any of our services offered in our Columbus-area locations.

Our medical dermatology services, including skin cancer screenings, are performed by the board certified physicians in our Columbus offices on Polaris Parkway. During a skin cancer screening, your physician will closely examine every inch of your skin from head to toe looking for and noting suspicious areas. Other medical dermatology skin center services include treatment for persistent acne, rashes, and vein disorders.

If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, our skin center offers several surgical treatment options. If your skin cancer is in an area of cosmetic concern, such as your face or hands, our Mohs micrographic surgery specialists will ensure that the cancerous tissue is removed completely and with minimal scarring.

Laser technology is not new to dermatological science, but very few practices have embraced it. The laser specialists in our central Ohio skin center use laser technology to treat cellulite, as well as remove hair and regrow hair.

Aesthetic and Cosmetic skin care is also a vital part of our skin center services in Columbus, but it's not just about looking pretty. It's about having healthy skin. Microdermabrasion, for example, can help lessen the appearance of scars following skin cancer surgery.

Whatever your skin care needs are, our full-service skin center can help. Call 614-898-7546 for an appointment at one of our skin centers in the Columbus area.