Regular skin exams are the best way to detect early changes in the skin that could mean cancer.

You should examine your skin closely every month. If you notice any abnormal growths or changes, make an appointment for a skin exam with a qualified dermatologist immediately. Central Ohio Skin and Cancer physicians perform full skin exams at all of our Columbus, Ohio area offices.

Whether you find anything during a self skin exam or not, you should see a qualified dermatologist for an in-depth exam every year, more often if you have a family history, high levels of UV exposure, or abnormal moles.

What to expect during a skin exam

When you arrive for your skin exam, our office staff will take you to a private exam room. Your physician will review with you your entire medical history, including any family history of cancer, especially skin cancer.

During this time, you should mention any areas of concern that you'd like to address during the skin exam, for example, if you've noticed a new mole, or if an existing mole has changed in appearance.

After the medical history review, you'll put on a gown and your Central Ohio Skin and Cancer dermatologist will conduct a head-to-toe skin exam.

If he or she finds any suspicious spots on the skin, what happens next will depend on the circumstances.

In some cases, we may do a biopsy that day. In others, you may schedule a follow up appointment for a biopsy. We may also hold off on a biopsy and perform another skin exam at a later date to watch for additional changes.

If you haven't scheduled your annual skin exam, or if you've noticed a suspicious spot on your skin, call (614) 898-7546 for an appointment today. If you're new to Columbus, let us know. We are accepting new patients.